Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Weekend Haul Update

Here are some swatches for the Fabulous Felines lipstick/lipgloss I bought as well as the Avon nail polishes.  As you can see, To Pamper is pretty sheer with grey/taupe undertones. If  your skin leans more cool or fair it may give you that notoriously unwanted "dead" look.  When paired with Spree, it turns a nice nude/mauve color. Also swatched is the Avon nail polish in Jade. I love that this shade reminds me of Mint Chip ice cream, I can't wait to put it on! I also thought I would post a picture of Vintage Blue, which I am currently wearing on my nails.
Spree, To Pamper, Jade nail polish


  1. wow..I luv spree l/s and I really like the pastel nail polishes! avon huh?? great finds!!

    BTW I curled my hair with the straight iron and it came out pretty good..not bad for my first shot at it! thanks for ur help..I'm gonna do a blog post on it soon and post a link for video on how to do..cuz i can not do a tutorial on that LOL

  2. NOW I REALLY WANT that GREEN polish.....i gots to get my hands on it.....thanks for the swatch, Babes.... :)

  3. wow those are nice colors. i want avon now!!

  4. That blue polish is gorgeous!
    I'm too obsessed with nail-varnish :L
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  5. i've never bought any polishes from avon, they look like they're really nice! how's the consistency?


  6. Neverb ought anything from avon but.... I love that colour!!!

  7. those AVON nail polish look amazing ,,
    i did not check the catalog in long time tho mom is a member with them ,, i need to check it out =)