Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Drugstore Spotlight: Milani

Milani Cosmetics has a pretty good reputation for quality products at drug store prices so when CVS had a buy-one-get one half off deal, I picked up their newest lipstick product, the HD advanced lip color and their 3D Glamour Gloss. The HD lipstick I picked up was Vivacious Fuschia, which was the color featured on the ad. It looked like a neon matte pink on the model. The packaging was sleek, but instead of the typical roll-up tube there is a twist mechanism at the bottom, which I did not like. The lipstick goes on creamy and the scent is quite lovely. Other than that, there is nothing spectacular about this lipstick so I would definitely save my $7.99 and opt for Revlon if you're looking for a good drugstore lipstick. The lipgloss, in Fashion Diva, had high shine and glitter but did not stay on for very long. It paired nicely with the HD lipstick, but again, it is not the best drugstore lipgloss I have tried. I'd skip these products and use the BOGO for the nail polishes and eyeliners!


  1. OMG...pretty color! Haven't tried them out but thanks for reviewing!


  2. i really like this color. i always like your lipcolors lol

  3. Wow the color looks bold and beautiful on you!

  4. i always see milani but ive never bought! next time i'll purchase some.. i also love the packaging of the gloss haha. the handle looks so glamourous

  5. I've never tried their lip colors before, but it looks great on you!
    By the way, I gave you an award on my blog a couple days ago!

  6. I want one too!! But we don't have milani here :(

    I am a new follower hope you follow me too ;)


  7. thanks for the heads up, although the gloss did look promising :/ you make the products look pretty tho!