Saturday, August 21, 2010

Blush Buzz: Rock and Republic Tease

What a great way to start off the weekend! The two Rock and Republic blushes I ordered from Beauty Story came in this morning and I got to break in my highly anticipated Tease blush. Tease is a soft matte lilac in the pan but goes on my warm skin as a pinky mauve. This blush is so different from anything else i own and even though I am warm toned the blush still works on my tan skin . I am especially excited to try Tease on cooler tones, as I think the lilac would come through a little more. It gives leaves such a soft and pretty color on the cheek with such little product on the brush. I cannot get enough of these Rock and Republic blushes! They are absolutely worth all the hype!


  1. those look gorgeous on you! I NEED those blushes!!

  2. They look so nice on you! It looks so purple in the picture but it actually goes on really nice on you!