Monday, January 10, 2011

Buzzworthy News: Justin Bieber for Nicole for OPI

It's a Bieber world. We're just living in it. 16 year old pop sensation Justin Bieber's stunt collaboration with nail polish juggernaut OPI was released today in stores all across America as apart of OPI's Nicole line. To the surprise of this Honey B, the collection SOLD OUT in 3000 Walmarts and is still smashing records! OPI has been known to team up with awesomely inspired entertainment big-wigs, including a colorful line of Shrek themed nail polish as well as a recent Katy Perry collaboration. Katy Perry is known for her candy coated makeup and nails, but this OPI/Justin Bieber coupling doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me. The set of 15 nail polishes, named after his hits like "One Less Lonely Girl" are what you expect of any typical tween product out there- glittery and colorful. Don't get me wrong- while the Biebs isn't my personal taste of heart throb, I love a cute boy hawking products to me... but Ryan Reynolds has no place trying to sell me lipstick, does he? What does Justin Bieber have anything to do with nail polish? Is this a smart stunt-collaboration on OPI's part? Or is there some integrity left in cosmetic marketing that says attaching a name to a line is more than just about selling a product? What do you think of the Bieber/ O.P.I. connection? Will you be sporting Bieber nails or are you One Less OPI customerLeave your thoughts in the comments.

Shrek's O.P.I. Collection
Katy Perry's O.P.I. Collection
*images courtesy of google images*


  1. Urgh I so agree with u on this! What does bieber have to with nails? I just don't get it at all..its just a name..I guess if u put his name on thumb tacks they will sell out and that is pretty sad...

  2. WOW! I can't believe he is doing this ... I'm not a big Bieber fan so kind of changes my view of OPI .. does Justin weat nail polish?

  3. haha i saw his polish at walmart and it got raped! its hilarious but its a very good business move considering all the little girls wearing it :) and i actually love the sparkly heart one haha