Friday, April 29, 2011

Weekend Haul: Lush Cosmetics

I had to stop by my local Lush Cosmetics when I heard they were distributing The Rising Sun Soap, in efforts to support those in need overseas in Japan. 100% of the Rising Sun Soap will go to Peace Boat, a Japan based non profit organization that has been tirelessly helping those affected by the recent tragedies. At $5.95 a bar, I picked up 2 of these gorgeous cherry and spice scented soaps, a smell that reminds me faintly of licorice (or Jaggermiester sometimes). Beauty and a good cause- two of my most favorite things! While I was there, I also picked up the Joy of Jelly scented shower jelly soap that is supposed to leave your skin and hair smelling sweet (like jasmine) all day long. The texture of this shower jelly is just like Jell-O and the scent is absolutely delicious. This is a great gift idea for the upcoming Mother's Day, since moms deserved to be pampered! Both products are available on the Lush Cosmetics website.


  1. What a great cause! I might go pick some of these up :)

  2. I just visited a LUSH store for the first time yesterday! I felt like a kid in a candy store...I was pretty overwhelmed, lol :) The Rising Sun Soap smells so good but I'm sad that I apparently forgot to smell the Joy of Jelly :( It sounds amazing.

  3. i still gotta try lush. nice haul though, hopefully i remember to get these next time im by a store!