Tuesday, March 01, 2011

How to Take A Good License Photo

After losing my driver's license this last weekend, I enlisted a little help from the beauties over at Makeup Alley to compile a list of tips to get the best look in what is often your most unflattering photo (that you show ALL the time!). I guess I will know how well these tips worked out when I get my replacement! Here are a few tricks of the trade to get a glamorous-as-possible picture. 

  • Avoid makeup with SPF. The unnatural light of the flash can wash you out.
  • Stick to mattes! This goes for eyeshadow, blushes, and foundation. Anything shimmery will reflect light and make you look too shiny and no one wants to look like the Tin Man in their ID picture.
  • Wear a pretty and soft lip color. Try to avoid anything too bold or too trendy to keep from looking clownish.
  • Keep your brows natural and soft.
  • Define your eyes, and maybe more than you normally would. It won't look cartoon-ish in the photo.
  • Think of something funny when you smile- it will create a genuine grin on your face!
Pictured below is my FOTD for my date with the DMV. I kept it really simple, using a dark brown eyeshadow from my Smashbox artist palette and MAC eyeliner in Feline. I used a matte peachy blush (Rock and Republic's Bedroom) and swiped on Makeup Forever's lipstick 32 with Chanel's Star glossimer on top.


  1. Well, these pictures are great so I'm sure your dmv photo will turn out pretty too! These tips are very helpful;)

    Aesthetic Lounge

  2. Gorgeous! Now I wanna purposely lose my drivers license so that I can get a new picture. My
    current picture is HIDEOUS! LOL

  3. There's no need to follow the tips. You know you always look gorgeous no matter what! ;)

  4. It's so funny that I would see this post as I'm thinking about the things I'll need for my senior portraits tomorrow. Even though it wasn't intended for me specifically, excellent timing!

    Great post and your pictures look gorgeous. I'm sure you'll have no troubles at the DMV with the real thing =]

  5. yay im glad to know im not the only one who will want to look pretty on my license. everyones license who i see always looks like a mugshot or something or tell me they dont care how they look but i actually get done up for mine too haha cute pic and great advice

  6. I got done up for my Costco card! Great tips!

  7. good tips and you look great. i am due for a new license picture. i'll def. do this :)

  8. great eyeliner !! not matter what your going to look amazing !!! thanks for the bday wishes doll

  9. Im lovin' the bangs...it brings out your entire face!

  10. great tips, you look great in your photo :) We aren't aloud to smile for our licence photos over her, so I always end up looking like a convict, lol xxx

  11. Ooo thank you for the tips! Those pictures are rarely flattering haha!
    You are gorgeous!