Thursday, March 24, 2011

Buzzworthy: Crown Brushes Mini Badger Set

As I have been taking quite a few weekend trips as of late, I started to get tired of packing my entire brush set along with me. When Crown Brushes went on sale at Hautelook a few weeks back, I decided to pick up their travel badger set, which is usually $35 and was marked down to just $20. Crown brushes have a good reputation with me. These badger hair brushes are soft, the perfect size for traveling, and don't have a lot of fall out or shedding. They seem to pick up pigment nicely as well. While I find my MAC brushes the best in quality for my everyday face as well as what I use on my clients, this mini  badger set is perfect for a weekend getaway and tucks nicely into my carry-on case! You can purchase these brushes on the Crown Brush website.


  1. I have this set too but I bought it from the mug store..I like is nice to carry around..I so luv hautelook..I sadly buy something from there like once a

  2. i didnt know you did makeup on the side. you should post pictures if your clients let you. this sounds like a good idea to invest in crown brushes. next time theyre on hautelook i should grab them cuz i find it annoying bringing full size brushes

  3. You are so gorgeous doll <3