Thursday, October 21, 2010

Purple is Power: Spirit Day 2010

In an effort to stand up to bullying and send a message to the youth of America October 20, 2010 was declared Spirit Day, and everyone was asked to wear purple to show support. Once upon a time, in a hive far far away, this Honey B was just another awkward teenage girl struggling to fit in. Thank God for makeup and art as an outlet of expression! So to give another voice to the It Gets Better project, I have pulled out all my best purples in honor of Spirit Day. Purples are such a lovely, flattering color on every skin tone, and I especially love purple colors to bring out the warmness in brown eyes. The makeup in my purple arsenal may not exactly be violet, but they do have lavender undertones, which can be so girly and playful. On my look below, I used my favorite purple shadows in MAC's Parfait Armour and Stila's Smudge Pot in Violet as a base. I also used MAC's mineralized eyeshadow in Love Spell and highlighted with the lightest shade of my Romantic Mauves Avon quad. My lipstick is a pinky lavender MAC lipstick in Fashion Mews and my cheeks are Rock and Republics lavender mauve color, Tease.

As a lover of makeup, I am someone who stands up for individuality. Be true to yourself. To learn more about the It Gets Better Project, you can click the link.


  1. Purple looks gorgeous on you :) Yay for supporting Spirit Day together!

  2. Oh, Honey B. I would have never thought that purple as your color palette would turn out so well. Great smile!

  3. purple is my FAVORITE color. all the purple makeup makes me drool lol you look very gorgeous :)

  4. you look so pretty:), great post!...and I am loving the blog!

    can you look/follow mine at:

    Shelly :)

  5. GREAT POST !! I wore my fig1 eyeshadow on spirit day to show support :)
    parfait amour looks very nice with your brown eyes!

    you suit purple so well and lovely!
    I agree that purple does give a warm undertone to brown!
    I never heard of spirit day!

  7. so prettttty!!!

  8. You're so sweet for participating in the purple spirit day! The purple looks pretty on you :)

  9. love ur makeup ,, gorgeous as always ,,
    and love the blush ! its super .

  10. Love those colors on you!

    Umm can you do my makeup everyday? SF is not that far & I know Roxy would love to see you ;-)