Thursday, February 23, 2012

Beauty Dupe Battle: Urban Decay Perversion Vs. MAC's Feline

If you're anything like me, black eyeliner is a must and coming across a really good eyeliner is like hitting the jackpot. I've been a long time fan of MAC's eye kohl in Feline, the smooth and creamy black eyeliner pencil. The only problem? It's a limited edition item and is far superior in quality when compared to its smudgey, messy permanent sister MAC's Smolder. It's been repromoted a few times and every time it is, I stock up. It was hard to find an eyeliner as black and creamy with that kind of staying power... UNTIL NOW. Enter Urban Decay's 24/7 Glide On Eye Pencil in Perversion. First introduced as apart of Urban Decay's Anniversary Eyeliner Set, the folks over at UD decided to release it individually and introduce it as a PERMANENT item. I have never come across a blacker eyeliner than this! The surprising thing about this eyeliner is its staying power. As creamy as it is, I was expecting it to smear and smudge but as the day wore on, Perversion stood strong on my waterline! So how do the two eyeliners stack up? 
  • Pigmentation: Both eyeliners are as black as they come, but Perversion goes on a few shades darker. Winner: Perversion
  • Price: Urban Decay's 24/7 Glide On Eye Pencils retail for about $19 while MAC's Eye Kohls go for about $15. Winner: Feline
  • Staying Power: Feline gives a solid 4-5 hours of weartime on me, but tends to get smudgey as the hours pass. Perversion will give me around the same amount of weartime (4-5 hours) but stays put. Winner: Perversion.
  • Availability: Though Feline is often repromoted, Perversion is permanent. Winner: Perversion.
  • Packaging: Both designs are your basic black pencil, but MAC's .05 oz has a leg up on Urban Decay's .04 oz. Winner: Feline
Pictured above are comparison swatches of the two eyeliners. As my stats prove, Perversion has the edge in this Beauty Dupe Battle, winning with a solid 3/5 over MAC's Feline. Do you own either of these eyeliners? Leave your thoughts in the comments.


  1. Have not tried any of these. Staying power is important to me, so I might try Urban Decay Perversion.

  2. Alexis, I'm so glad your wrote about these because I totally trust your opinion and I really like liquid eyeliner, but glide on ones are good too and I'm a huge fan of Urban Decay!! I'm definitely going to be buying Perversion next time


  3. I knew UD would be the winner!! those 24/7 liners are no joke, I love them all, so I must have that Perversion :))

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  4. Hi there!!! I have perversion and really love it!!!

  5. Perversion is my winner, hands down!! I have a sucky waterline where everything just slides/fades off.. but UD did me right with this liner.

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